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Get relief from pain using quality, simple ingredients, and easy tricks I teach to curb sugar cravings.  I lost forty pounds of the weight I gained from taking medicine - and honestly, I have never felt better. 

I was getting requests to teach what I did on my anti-pain diet first because you wanted to feel better right away, so this is what I am currently offering.

Eating healthy is not easy, but ladies, it is worth it.  After you get used to it, the choices you make come easily.

Part One: Why You are Experiencing Pain

If you were in an accident, had surgery, and have a reason regarding why you have pain, I understand.

I am talking about when the achiness and pain come out of the blue, starting slowly and increasing as time goes on.

Why do you have the pain? Here is what I have discovered: the world is dirty. I mean filthy, and because of that, it is "rubbing" off on us and getting into our system. The world's population is increasing daily, and to keep up with it, things must grow fast to feed the world. 

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I'm sure you have heard of pollution, right?

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Land Pollution

But this list is missing one item: human pollution. See the photo above if you are unsure what I am talking about. You are familiar with it now, aren't you?

We never had cancers, mental and heart disease, etc, when our grandparents (and those before them) lived.

If you don't know any family that hasn't been touched by human pollution, you would be in the minority - or standing by yourself.

But I'm not talking about disease that you can see; I'm talking about what is in your body, what has started and continues to grow on a daily basis.

We are unintentionally feeding it every day, and if you say, but I feel fine - you are either young, or you eat healthy and take care of yourself.

Part Two

This is the fun part because you will have learned (in Part One) all the tricks and shady things they do with our food.

This is how you should eat for the remainder of your life to remain pain-free and prevent body pollution from showing itself to you and your doctor later in your life. 

It's your decision to make.  

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