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(until I name it something else).

There is a lot of negativity floating around in our lives everyday that we have no control over, and even worse, dealing with chronic pain.

Therefore, this spot is for positive tips, tricks, and success stories to help everyone on their journey to release, repair, and restore their health. You will not be alone in your healing, I promised you that.

Welcome to our HAPPY corner of this website.  This page will only feature positive healing information on living with fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain, the invisible illness that affects millions worldwide.

At Fibromyalgia Pain Center, we understand the daily challenges that millions of women face battling this complex condition.

Through our insightful blog posts, we aim to shed light on effective coping strategies, the latest research findings, and empowering stories of resilience.

Join us as we navigate the chronic pain journey together, offering support, knowledge, and hope for a brighter future.

If you want to add your positive tricks and tips to this blog, I welcome you!  In return, I will create a page that contains your success stories.

Please send it to support at fibromyalgia recovery coach dot com

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