Fibromyalgia Recovery Coach
I Have Been In Your Shoes Literally. 


First, I want to clear the air: I have been to h*ll and back with pain for over a decade and thoroughly understand what you are going through.  The pain, depression, and anger don't touch this dreadful disease.

There is no sugarcoating anything regarding the symptoms and chronic pain of fibromyalgia.

Every ache and pain you are experiencing and every fight with your family members because you don't feel good...

For wanting to go desperately to your children's activities but cannot get off the couch. 

The pain is horrible and brings on depression, anger, and, in my case, anxiety and weight gain.

When I was at peak pain levels in the 90s, I gained over forty pounds from the medication I was taking (lying on the couch and watching TV all day didn't help either).  

When you begin detoxing, it's not all rainbows and butterflies; that is why we will take it slow.  

If you are determined to do something about your pain, I'm here to tell you - you WILL experience energy and a significant reduction in pain. You will even lose weight. 

I remember when the doctor told me to start walking to lose weight, and I said, 'I can barely get out of bed; how am I going to walk?' 

I had been suffering from pain for over ten years and realized I was the only one in charge of my health (no one else was helping me) and that if I was going to feel better, it was up to me.  

I then took my health into my own hands. For two years, in 2010, I researched and tested everything. 

Through trial and error, I found things that started to help me feel better. The more I tried, the better I felt. 

I then tested it on others who had the same symptoms I did and achieved the same results. 

Finally, it all made sense. This was life-changing, and I thank God daily for my discovery and determination to find it.


Fibromyalgia and chronic pain were no longer a mystery.

 How to Handle Chronic Pain with a Positive Attitude.

Impossible?  At first I thought it was.  I had an attitude and it wasn't good. As I continued to heal it became easier.  

Are you struggling to manage your chronic pain? If so, there's no need to suffer in silence. With the right approach, you can take control of your pain and live a more fulfilling life. 

Let's work together to find the best strategies for managing your chronic pain, whether through medication, exercise, or other lifestyle changes. 

Don't wait any longer to start feeling better. Reach out for help today.

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I am giving you all the tools 
needed to get your life back.

What tools, you ask? Everything I did to get to where I am today.   

Are you tired of the endless cycle of pain, prescription medications, and doctor visits?  I know I was. I dreaded going to the doctor. 

Imagine a life where you're not held back by the debilitating grip of fibromyalgia, where every moment isn't overshadowed by discomfort and frustration.

Welcome to a new chapter of your life, where relief is possible and achievable through our revolutionary six-week online course.

That's why our program isn't just about managing symptoms ‚Äď it's about reclaiming your vitality and independence.¬†

Investing in yourself means saving money on expensive treatments and medications, as well as investing in years of pain-free living and the freedom to live on your terms.

The Diet Workout

Do you want to learn how to eat to improve your health, reduce pain, have unlimited energy, and even lose excess weight?

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 "What distinguishes our protocol from the numerous options that guarantee relief?"


Unlike other programs that offer temporary solutions or generic advice, our approach is rooted in science-backed methods tailored specifically for women dealing with chronic pain (It doesn't hurt that your coach has fibromyalgia and discovered a way to put her pain in remission :-). 

Our curriculum combines proven techniques, including nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and stress management, to address the root causes of your pain and empower you to take control of your health right now. 

Unlike traditional support groups, our platform provides a safe space for women to connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources‚Äďall from the comfort of home.


"A Goal without a Plan is a Wish"

If you let it, you can wish your life away and still be in the same place a year (or ten years) from now. You need to take the first step. 

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