Calling Beta Testers! I Need YOU.

We are Looking for Beta Testers for The Diet Workout course at an unheard price of $39.00!


  • Are you a woman experiencing chronic body aches and pain that won't go away?

  • Do you want to change your life and thrive, not just cope with the pain?

  • Are you struggling to lose weight due to the limitations caused by your chronic pain?

If so, The Diet Workout is the introductory course you need to learn how to reduce pain and reclaim control over your life. 


  • I lost the 40 pounds I gained from prescriptions and inactivity due to pain and was over the moon because nothing else worked.

All new! I am currently offering the class at an introductory price for a limited time.

The class will begin the second week of  June 2024, and will run every week for three weeks. 

Please don't let chronic pain dictate your life.  Reclaim your life now with The Diet Workout. 

By the end of this class,

you will have…


  • Reduced Chronic Pain Symptoms 

    How would it feel if YOU could control the pain you are experiencing on a daily basis?  Life is short, and not doing anything about it leaves you exactly where you are right now: still in pain.

  • Natural Weight Loss | More Energy
    I know I spent years on the couch watching television and eating junk food. I don't even watch TV anymore. I am outside gardening, walking, and living life like I should have been doing years ago.  Can you imagine what that would look like?

  • Enjoy Free Time with Friends and Family
    If you are missing out on watching your kids and grandchildren play soccer, dance, gymnastics, baseball, and football, or even attend birthday parties, this will end.  Go out with friends and start having fun!

  • Get Your Power Back
    I found I lost what power I had when I was suffering.  You will learn to take control of yourself and your environment. It's all about empowerment.

  • Take that Dream Vacation
    You are feeling so good—it's time to do what you haven't done for years. What does that look like? Hikes, walks, vacations, cooking for family—this list is what YOU want, not what others want for you.

  • You May Meet Your Future Best Friend
    If you are alone, this is one point that my members love because they don't feel alone in improving their health and life. Taking charge of your health is so important.  It's a  life or death decision when it comes down to it. 


Enroll in The Diet Workout 
This is the workout your diet is craving.


A One-Time BETA Payment
of $39.00!  

Part One

The Reason You Are in Pain

This will open your eyes to many things. Learning that you can control the pain is a huge relief.  


Part Two

Learn How to Eat 

This saved my life, to be honest. Because, at one point, I didn't want to live if I had to feel like I did. 




I took my health into my own hands over two years in 2010. 
Through trial and error, I found things that started to help me feel better. The more I tried, the better I felt.
I then tested it on others and achieved the same results. Now, it made total sense to me.
Chronic pain was no longer a mystery. 

When you enroll during this  limited-time period, you’ll get: 

The Diet Workout
Back to Basics, How to Save Your Own Life

  • This is so important, and you will learn what to do to increase your ability to change your life completely. 

  • Women's Pain Support Group

    This is an online space where you can bounce ideas off one another in a private group setting. 

  • BETA TESTERSSince this is a BETA class, I will offer much more than in the regular class.  That's why I need you! We will determine what to keep in the class and what to leave out. 


    Any questions? Ask away!  

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Losing weight and reducing pain is only three weeks away!

 This Summer...

  • Do you have a wedding to attend?

  • A class reunion?

  • Going on vacation?

  • No matter what, you will look good and feel fantastic at that event. 

I am offering this class for $39.00 because I need BETA testers to go through this course with me and complete a quick survey every week for three weeks so I get it right the first time based on your answers (there is a lot of information). 


The class will be held the second week in June. The time each week will be determined.


This BETA price will expire after the class is filled or by June 7, 2024.


Be Part of a New Protocol for Pain Relief!


Enroll in The Diet Workout Today!

A One-Time BETA  Payment of